Props in roleplaying games, it may take work but it can add more to your game. Oh! And it doesn’t have to be something the GM offers!

Episode 16 Show Outline

Intro including music


Hope those out there that celebrated Xmas had a  good time with family and friends – and happy upcoming New Year!

A big “We still love ya!” goes out for Moe and Wayne 🙂

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Email from Scott W. regarding episode 15 – ScifiThe best question you can ask your group of players for this is how does sound work in space, star wars or firefly?. That we’ll help all of the rest of the decisions.


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Topics of Discussion – Props and Gaming

Old Wookie, smoothest spirits you'll ever find this side of Kessel

Old Wookie, smoothest spirits you’ll ever find this side of Kessel

Do you use them?

  • Sean
  • Brett – not often

What games do they work best with?

  • One-shot or Con games
  • Investigative
  • Modern
  • Sci-fi
  • Other?

Where have you seen them work the best and what made them work?

  • Sean – Mark’s hand made tome of his world, Old Wookie, Spacer Tape, item cards?
  • Brett – Lenny makes awesome props that always fit the adventure – Lenny just got the Horror on the Orient Express special ed from Chaosium (190+ pages of handouts)

What are the potential pitfalls to props?

  • Distraction
  • Incomplete or inaccurate data gathered
  • Need the players to be observant and not the characters

Die Roll


  1. Kids asked to try OSRIC for our home game – they got to fight an otyugh and deal with rot grubs and then sort out how to get the magic item they detected at the bottom of the creature’s lair.
  2. Getting things set for my EverCon game challenge – gonna make a few props
  3. Read through the PHB and MM for 5e and I really enjoy the tone and approach.  Looking forward to trying it out.


  1. Star Wars RPG revised, expanded and updated weighs in at 506 pages of SW RPG goodness! ,
  2. Star Trek 3 to drop July 8, 2016 coincides with 50 yr anniversary of original trek. ,


Spacer Tape

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