032 What RPG Do You Want To Run, But Have Not

Some of us have a few roleplaying games. Many of them we have not played or GM’d. What are those games and why haven’t you run or played them?

Episode 32 Show Outline


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Update from the Gamehole!!

Gamehole Con adds more special guests!

  • Merle Rasmussen, the original author and creator of Top Secret
  • Robert Schwalb who just completed his much anticipated Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG Kickstarter
  • Dave Megarry, the designer of the iconic Dungeon Board Game
  • Rumor – Artemis, Star Trek bridge simulator


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Topic of Discussion

What game system, setting, or plot idea(s) haven’t you done but always wanted to?

  • What do we think sounds cool?
  • Why aren’t we doing it?

Die Roll – 2-4 miscellaneous points of gaming or geekery we want to share with you.


  1. New Fantastic 4 trailer – http://laughingsquid.com/20th-century-fox-releases-the-first-official-trailer-in-its-entirety-for-the-rebooted-fantastic-four-film/
  2. Three new Lankhmar offerings by Pinacle – City of Thieves, Nehwon Poster Map, and Lankhmar Poster map –  http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse.php?keywords=lankhmar&x=0&y=0&author=&artist=&pfrom=&pto=
    Lankhmar: City of Thieves


  1. Nexus Game Fair, Milwaukee. June 25-28. Event reg begins May 17th.  http://www.nexusgamefair.com ,
  2. Forge Midwest April 24-26, Madison reminder https://forgemidwest.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/forge-midwest-2015-april-24-26th/ .
  3. One Shot podcast http://www.oneshotpodcast.com/  Edge of the Empire 3 part series: http://www.oneshotpodcast.com/tag/edge-of-the-empire/
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