We take a couple monsters each and tweak them just a bit.


Random Encounter

John Steve comments on Brett Feels

Crimfan comments on Part-time Gods

Email from Thomas @ Beholders Horde

Die Roll



  • So you want to run a Blades in the Dark one shot, by Platonic Solids on Medium
  • Investigator Images: A Curated List of Yearbooks For Call of Cthulhu by Mdoc31 on his Rolling Boxcars blog
  • Six-Foot Tall, 100,000-Piece Lego Batcave Is Staggering seen on Gizmodo
  • HBO orders first Game of Thrones prequel pilot, reported by The Hollywood Reporter


  • Karlen OfTheHillPeople Karlen points out Quest: the roleplaying adventure game for everyone kickstarter ends June 29th

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