Walking through the woods and you come across a “insert creature here”. Fight it, win. But what about applying more pressure to pc’s? “You are in a spaceship, the engines are out, there’s a creature making its way down the corridor and you have been poisoned with the antidote three decks below you.” Keep things happening. Some games are better than others.


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Hey BSers,

Sean, great call on Mothership. My group is heavily invested, sending emails back and forth, as they customize their characters to make the crew work better as a whole. I’m also digging watching your group on twitch. It’s helpful watching someone else run the game and learn from that. 

Brett, question for you. My oldest daughter is starting to run D&D, specifically, Lost Mines of Phandelver. The benefit is I’ve run it for another group so I know the story and some of the pitfalls a DM may encounter. During our second session in the goblin mine, Fiona got right turned around trying to read the map and figure out what was supposed to be going on in the rooms. She got pretty upset when we ended the session, however, she is undaunted and plans on running the next game again soon. I’m encouraging her to read that portion of the book to increase her familiarity with that part of the adventure. But I’m curious to know what advice you’ve given your own kids before they run games for you or what you might suggest to new DMs?

Thanks and all the best in these gonzo times, BSers.


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