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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

Streaming or Recording Actual Play

Streaming or recording rpg actual play takes a different approach to how might run your game. It all depends on why you want to do it. Announcements Get your events into Gamehole Con. Consider running under GBS banner! Random Encounter Email from Mark Tasaka Email from Mark Tasaka Hi Sean, I would like to wish…

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Expecting Too Much from RPG’s

RPG’s, source of joy, friendship, creativity, and much more. But for some of us they can become an obsession and possibly a crutch. We try and find the perfect game. Are we expecting too much? Announcements Let’s play! Topic on Discord and Forums.Submit events to Gamehole Con under GBS banner Random Encounter Voicemail from Timothy…

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Changing the RPG Setting

Jared Rascher broke Brett’s Avalon cosmology by changing the rpg setting!  Why isn’t Brett mad about that?  Let’s talk about what Jared did, why it’s pretty cool, and what ideas/lessons we can learn from this. Changing the RPG setting can be done. Make it your game. Will the changes make sense? Does it matter? We…

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Overview of Symbaroum by Free League Publishing

Overview of Symbaroum, the dark, gritty, and deadly tabletop rpg by Free League Publishing. We briefly touch on the mechanics and the setting. Announcements Let’s play! Want to try a new game, or play with other members of the BS community? Forbidden Lands – Year Zero Engine on How2RPG youtube channel Random Encounter Jared Rascher…

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