A lot of role-playing gamers have backed a gaming/rpg product on Kickstarter. What products are available? Why do you choose to back a specific rpg Kickstarter project?

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  • Avalon Adventures on DTRPG

Random Encounter

Alright, just to set something straight — my “GM Intrusions handcuff the GM” comment was just meant to illustrate the point that some GMs, me included, intrude *all the time*, without using a metagame mechanic to facilitate it. I don’t feel like I’m doing my job unless I’m complicating the PCs’ lives, ideally based off things in their backgrounds, their flaws, their desires.

I’m probably the odd duck out on this, because I don’t like XP systems generally. For class/level systems, I like the Shadow of the Demon Lord or Black Hack style of leveling the whole group when the time is right, using milestones. Since GM Intrusions from Numenera are tied to XP rewards, that might be part of why I wrinkled my nose when I first read about them.

Anyway. Sally forth.

Oh, and Sean, regarding that crazy, insanely complex undead minotaur, teleporter trap-laden labyrinth stuff you’re talking about… yeah, just don’t run scenes like that. Life is too short, and there are easier ways to kill Jeff’s PCs. Have them fight Cthulhu, who simple kills 1d3 PCs each round. Done!


What are your favorite one-line recommendations you’ve made to new GM’s?

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Die Roll

  • Monte Cook Games announces Ptolus for 5e and Cypher System.
  • Bruce C. recommends 30 Days of World Building by Angeline Trevena (amazon)
  • Sixty one-page adventures for you! (link)

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