Brett’s New Approach To His Upcoming Role-playing Game

Brett is trying something new with his upcoming home game. We start with talking about campaign length but divert to the aforementioned change in Brett’s rpg.

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Laramie comments on the forums about Folklore Foes


I know I for one don’t really care when the show is recorded or released. I like it being weekly, but respect this is not your job. My work schedule is irregular, and I tend to enjoy the show on the way to and from work, so whenever I get it, I get it. That said, I’m also not gonna slack off and be weeks behind .

As far as the episode. I respect why some folks might want to use average rolls for things, but I don’t think this method is for me. My players already “do the math” enough as it is, if they knew how much damage was coming, or how many HPs a potion heals, I think it would take out some of the unexpected nature of adventure. And, since this episode is about keeping the wonder in the game… I think I’ll stick to dice. And to that end, that’s part of the reason I really like systems like HackMaster’s exploding dice or DCC’s spell effects being based on a high roll- they both make the game even less predictable.

Interesting monsters and having to figure it out. I really liked this episode. One memorable moment from my past was running 4th edition HackMaster, and the group came across Mud Orges. I may have the name wrong, and maybe the module wrong as well (I think it was Annihilate the Giants), but they were fighting these large humanoid monsters, and the group would have them on the ropes, the things would retreat to their muddy pit, and come out no worse for the wear. This cycle repeated a couple times, and now the party was getting the rough end of things. Well, someone in the party figured it out, that the things were being healed by the mud, and the next time the things retreated, the group started just volleying fireballs back there. Massive damage, and they wanted to cook the mud. Job well done.

One more thing, listening to this episode, I was thinking of another podcast, “Myths and Legends”. It has a lot of neat lore and monsters, as well as a rather interesting and brief “creature of the week.”




Great episode! My only experience with AS&SH was actually “Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Solomon Kane” (same system, different setting) at Gary Con last year. I got pulled into a game that had a no-show by someone I’d played in a couple of other games with. I’d not had any exposure to the rules or the game before (other than general D&D experience), but it ended up being one of the best games I played at the con.

I’ve since picked up a PDF of the rule book as part of a Humble Bundle, and it’s on my list of games to play at the next Gary Con in March. The Solomon Kane game was a blast, and I’d happily play it again, but the weird fantasy Hyperborea setting is more appealing to me. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get into Tim’s scheduled game, or be in the lobby bar when Brett decides it’s finally his time to run it in an after-hours session. In any case, it looks like there’s plenty of AS&SH events happening, so it should be pretty easy to fit a game or two into my schedule.

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