117 Creative Spell Casting

Creative spell casting could be a synergy of spells. Casting grease down a hallway and then a flame-based spell to light it on fire. Brett mentions someone casting climb walls to better pick pocket an NPC. These are just a couple examples of how spell casters can get creative with their craft. How creative do you like you spell casting? Are there limits to what you allow in your games? 


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Random Encounter

Cory Winn, James Carruthers, Forrest Aguirre and Angela Murray gives us feedback on Urban adventures.

Fateful Mike asks for advice on supers game.

Die Roll



  • Using MS OneNote, here’s how to power use it for RPG’s.
  • Youtube video D&D-based guide to Contribution and Inclusion in the Python Community, a technical talk on the programming language python by using D&D as a reference.
  • The Antikythera Mechanism, the most mysterious technological object on the planet should have been destroyed at least three times.
  • Gaming travel kit. Chad Jones, blogger for A Yelp in the Dark blog, outlines his. What’s in your travel kit?

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