061 Dark and Gritty in Role-playing Games

Dark and gritty in role-playing games. A dark and gritty game is probably one you won’t GM to children due to moral quandaries, adult themes, or violence and mature situations. We wanted to compare it to heroic games, but not sure that came across.

Gamehole is Over – Ideas for next year already? Need more G&BS run events!

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Die Roll



  • Star Trek new TV series, it is on CBS video on-demand.
  • Duracell Star Wars commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning. 5.6M views on Youtube and just dropped on 10/29. 
  • Galactic History, or Galactic Folk Tale? by Max Gladstone. Piece of Star Wars fan fic.
  • DCC 4th Printing Kickstarter – $40 gets you core book and 7 adventures. Can’t beat that!

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