Description Expectations in RPG’s

Description Expectations in RPG’s

Descriptions in rpg’s. How to align the way the game master and players exchange information. An example: “I’m looking for any irregularities in the walls, drafts, breaks in the mortar” versus “I search the room”. Thanks to Matt Seiberlich for the topic suggestion.


Random Encounter

From Mike H. – looking for advice

Jello sends us something about being serious

Die Roll

  • Ray Otus started a thread on our forums listing random character generators for a variety of RPG’s
  • The Adventures of Gaia on Youtube, Melissa is a star on that show. 
  • Animated Spellbook on YouTube
  • Matt Colville on running D&D
  • Dracula: The Evidence kickstarter ends November 20th, 2019. Bram Stoker’s novel as an interactive experience: a box set telling the story through letters, clues, maps, phonograph records & more.

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