Don’t Tell Me What Play

How do we nicely discuss the topic of “you should play X game instead of Y game” so that we don’t come across as snobbish assholes?
“I want to play X type of game with Y system” is often met with, “Then you shouldn’t play that system, you need this better system.”


Project BS: The Delta Green Experiment
BS’er Con!
7th year anniversary, worth one copper and one wool

Random Encounter

Edwin Nagy emails us
Rory comments on Always be Prepping
OldSchoolDM comments on assigning homework for your rpg

Die Roll

  • IGDN Diversity Sponsorship – enables diverse game designers to attend Metatopia game design conference
  • Discord Has Ghosts In It, preorder. This Discord Has Ghosts in It is a game of entering and exploring a haunted house filled with ghosts. That haunted house is a Discord. 2-12 players
  • Symbaroum and Vaesen, by Free League now have Foundry VTT modules!
  • Kobold Press Tome of Beasts comes to Foundry
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