Location Encounters are sometimes a bit of a special beast. How in-depth do we make them? How big? How much time does that party want to spend here? How many game sessions are we ready have in this location?
Sean and I got to talking about building and using dungeons and other such locations where we need to make sure it’s only as “long a it needs to be” and that we keep the end goal in mind. So, let’s talk about some examples and see if we can get to a point of some sort here.


Project BS: The Delta Green Experiment

Random Encounter

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Die Roll

  • Survival of the Able, kickstarter that Todd Crapper is involved with. A tabletop RPG about people with disabilities working together to overcome a zombie plague. Launches Sept 29,2021
  • DND News from DND Celebration. “Next evolution” of the game coming 2024 compatible with 5e.
  • 40th Anniversary edition of Call of Cthulhu Keeper Rulebook
  • Asmodee for sale 2B euros
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