Metagaming, we covered it. This is more meta terms the game master may use in a game. An example, “That’s a side quest, it’s not part of the main plot.”


  • – 20th Anniversary!
  • final giveaway Winner for June is Peter.
  • Avalon KS – 
    • Hard copy process update: waiting for proofs
    • Ran a game for Lord Tentacle (Shannon) the other KS backer at the “Brett runs a game” level

Die Roll

  • Talespire wants to be the digital tabletop rpg system of your dreams. Kickstarter now until August 8th.
  • Our BS’er Blake Ryan writes a review on Tribality about Saltmarsh
  • Jared Rascher writes a review on Gnomestew A Jane Austen RPG
  • Sean did an unboxing of D&D Essentials Kit on youtube

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