152 Getting Back Into The Hobby

We’re glad you’re getting back to rpg’ing. It’s never too late. We try to settle your nerves with words of encouragement…and maybe some advice.


Event registration for Gamehole Con opens Sept 2nd

Avalon KS – Looking at Sept/Oct 2017 star

Random Encounter

Feedback on last episode 151 Back to NPC’s on G+ to include feedback from Michael Parker and Jim Fitzpatrick. Will Thorpe emails us about mass combat. Goblins Henchmen sums up feedback from a few episodes.

Die Roll


  • RPG a Day time! Days 1 – 6:
    • Sean
    • Brett


  • RPG a Day is back from David Chapman who is Autocratik
  • Gauntlet Con coming October 20-22. Online gaming convention – indie rpg’s, story games and OSR
  • Gamehole Con events at GenCon


  • Shane Freeman shares video of man builds quiver/magazine to make 4 shots in 4 seconds
  • Christopher Grey is lead writer on 5e/Pathfinder Lion’s Vault kickstarting Aug 1-31.

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