Gods in rpg’s, what role to they play in your game? Do they interact with the common player? We talk about whether we incorporate them and what effect it has on player characters that have a religious bend to them. You know, like taking powers away from clerics if the cleric falls out of favor with the deity.

Random Encounter

John provides us feedback to us.

Angela Murray emails us on our tendency to play coming of age versus aging player characters.

Josh Wallace has some advice for our patreon levels.

Goblin Henchmen compares bonus BS episodes featuring Marc Miller and the Wizards of the Coast panel from Gamehole Con 2016.

Christopher emails to ask about running Ravenloft one shot at a gaming convention.

Carson, welcome to the world of tabletop rpg’s, and asks about what Savage Worlds books he should consider purchasing.

And newer gamer, Erin, shares her current experiences into the realm of tabletop RPG’s.

Die Roll

Brett – womp womp



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