181 Made for the Player Characters or Not

When we setup a campaign how to we want to deal with the PCs’ actions – We all know the player character’s are the most important people in the game, but is this about the world working around the PCs and their backstories, or about the PCs imposing themselves onto the world?


  • Gary Con is THIS week! Sean and Brett are going!
  • Brett and his daughter ran games at the school’s monthly game club and it was awesome
  • GameholeCon 2018 guest list – all 37 of them

Random Encounter

Feedback on episode 180, Adversarial Players on G+

Matt Seiberlich on Adversarial Players

Die Roll



  • Josh Wallace points out an article: How Inmates Play Tabletop RPG’s in Prisons Where Dice are Contraband by Elisabeth de Kleer.
  • Kevthuhlu – Padlet for RPG’s. Here’s a sample.

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