Metagaming in rpgs! We talk about posting on Google+ and how some people seem to spam their info all over the place. Once the banter is over, we get to metagaming, which was originally spurred from our first episode. We define it in our own terms – essentially player knowledge and manipulating the game through your character within the roleplaying game. Some players will even stipulate that they are talking OOC or ‘out of character’. However, you may allow metagaming to some degree in your game. One example is if there is a scene with a single player character and there are multiple players making suggestions on what to do. This could be the inner voices speaking to the character and mimicking inner turmoil.

What are your thoughts on ‘metagaming’?


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Poll on the website. Meant to mention that last episode, mentioned poll but not what it was.

Monster Manual – released to FLGS’s just this past Friday, Sept 19th.

DMG – Delayed 3 weeks with release date being Dec 9th. Quote Mike Mearls “We added an entire additional cycle of design and editing to ensure that the books were as close to perfect as humanly possible. The layout and visual design was the result of hours spent carefully handcrafting the books. That extra time proved to be a huge boon, as the designers had the chance to go through each book page by page to make sure everything fit perfectly.”

Random Encounter

Brett bitches about G+ posts that link to a blog post that is just as long as the G+ post

What are we playing or planning?

  • Brett – My world of Avalon using OSRIC  as the base system with DCC mighty deeds, Rolemaster crit charts, and Gumshoe investigation
  • Sean – Playing FFG Star Wars Edge of the Empire – he’s a diplomat who’s the “talky talk” guy of the party, if the SW GM doesn’t show he runs 5e

Die Roll


  1. Bow hunting tonight – owls and moving silently in the woods
  2. Need one last motorcycle ride before the snow hit
  3. Camping and gaming – next weekend with my boys


  1. Google+ for gaming!
  2. Roll20  – reaches 600000 users
  3. Frank Mentzer – was guest of honor at Paizo con

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