Sean has talked about Mothership before, and is/has run a game for some BS’ers so let’s dig into this game and see what we can learn from Sean.

Mothership is a tabletop role-playing game of sci-fi horror published by Tuesday Night Games. If you like John Carpenter’s The Thing, or Alien(s) movies, you’ll appreciate Mothership.


Brett running Streets of Avalon on Saturday, April 25th, at 2pm cdt, come watch live on Twitch

Sean running Mothership every other Thursday, starting with session 1 on April 23rd at 8pm cdt. Will also be streamed on Twitch.

Jared Rascher is looking to run Streets of Avalon, find more info on our forums here.

Con of Champions, May 23-25, online. Proceeds go to support Tabletop Events

Random Encounter

Laramie comments on ep 288, Changes to Playing RPG’s Online.

A couple of thoughts from me on this episode.

I’ve been running Fantasy Grounds for a while now, out of convenience that my group can sneak in a game after we put our small children to bed (three of the six players have kids under 3). It has it’s perks, but I know I for one would still far rather play face to face, but it’s WAAAAAYYYYY better than nothing. I have started adding tools to my tool box, including music and sound. You guys were talking about getting too tied up in it, which I believe fortunately I have the inverse issue. I forget it. A lot. Which is cool, it makes it a bit more punctuated when I remember it. As far as other tools, I get a LOT of mileage out of OneNote when running my online game. Also, while I know voice is more popular than video, my preference if I can’t meet face to face, is video. I feel like it’s a lesser barrier than voice alone, and keep the game more personal. And speaking of barriers, my last point. I had a first time gamer play a one shot with me last week. Good friend of mine, mutual nerd/ coworker/ drinking buddy, but hadn’t ever gamed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first time gamer take to it so quickly. He didn’t have to figure out which dice was which, when to add what modifiers, or anything. He just had to hit the right button on his character sheet.

Anyway, stay safe. Cheers.


Die Roll

Exalted vales is a land of mystery, bathed by a mystic energy, the uttermost strange phenomena occur there and the most impressive of them are called by the inhabitants, “The Manifestations” :

    • In Drath, the Weavers prepare, pack and deliver the dreams of everyone.
    • In Vakin, one bath himself in giant creature – known as the snake-river – to access a superior state of consciousness
    • Into the heart of Lusan, the City of a Thousand Oracles, more than a million pilgrim flock everyday seeking illumination.

Those lands are full of mystery, mysticism and new horizons.

  • Degenesis, all pdf’s are free to download. Watch the trailer on Youtube. Thanks to Erwan Roudaut at SIXMOREVODKA studio for letting us know.
  • Miguel Zavala made 2000 minis that you can print at home. More info on Polygon.
  • D&D 5e errata, Sage Advice Compendium is out. Download pdf.  Thanks Joe for pointing this out.
  • @DMDavidBlog started a thread on Twitter about the quirks of D&D. Check it! Thanks to Joe on this one too.
  • Mothership rpg on DrivthruRPG

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