Multiple NPC’s in the Same Scene

Multiple NPC’s in the same scene can cause the game master to have a conversation with themselves. The players will want to know who is who. Thanks Edwin Nagy for inspiration on this one.


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Random Encounter

Eric J comments on Good Dice Go Bad
Mirko replies to Eric
The Warden chimes in on Good Dice Gone Bad

Die Roll

  • What rpg are you going to do your damndest to get to the table in 2022 that you didn’t in 2021? Forum, Twitter, Discord
  • What, in your opinion, was the best rpg purchase of yours in 2021? Forums, Discord, Twitter
  • Hero 5e mega bundle, thanks CJ aka Polish Ogre
  • D&D 5e A5 Adventurer’s Journal with character sheet, kickstarter, ends 12/28. Thanks Harrigan
  • Invisible Sun bundle, thanks Mirko
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