No shows at rpg cons, it happens. Before being perturbed, it is possible that someone had an emergency come up and could not get to to the convention. But what can you do? Well, the con organizers probably have some method of refunding your ticket or getting you into another game if you’re a player that got stood up by a game master. It is not always the GM, it could be that the a minimum amount of players to run a game is not met. You don’t have a quorum. It may be an easier fix if you just quick pitch your game to passers by in hopes of landing a player or two. Inspired by Nick A. our friend and listener of the show who encountered such a problem at GaryCon, though it was probably a direct result of the registration problems.


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Random Encounter

Fateful Mike emails us to ask about some places he could go to find a game. He also asks us about¬†Aces and Eights, a wild west RPG by Kenzer Co. Which is something we don’t know much about, so if you are familiar with the game, help Mike and comment in the comments.

Timothy Stone and Kristian Serrano comment on G+ about episode 82 where we spoke about dedication to system.

Die Roll



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