It’s ok to fail. As a player, we learn from our mistakes. We can admit our shortcomings, well everyone but Sean. We’re working on that. Like many not-so-positive topics we cover, there can be something good on the other side of the die. This is no different. It teaches us valuable lessons. Failure helps us figure out a better way to do something. 


Evercon is going to be announcing special guests soon.

Random Encounter

Comments from G+ from Tom Bagwell and Jim Fitzpatrick on episode 97, Imprisoning PC’s. While Chris Schorb call us.

Jim Fitzpatrick asks us about play-by-post games on G+. Be sure to go there and chime in on the conversation.

Tim Deschane shares some of his personal struggles and how gaming has helped him. How awesome is gaming to not only be a hobby of entertainment, but also therapeutic! The stuff leaves us speechless.

Die Roll




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