Player Character Death in Roleplaying Games

Player character death in rpgs! How do you handle it? Doesn’t it contribute to the story? Leave us review on iTunes. Our first listener email – Thanks Zave! Brett would make a bad dwarf, buys a sword, and preps for new game. Ben Gerber games 24 hrs straight for charity, sponsor his effort. Shout outs to Michael Althauser for spreading the word on G+ and David Reichgeld for helping with our logo. Many thanks!

Thanks for downloading and supporting the podcast. We appreciate the social interacting, because that’s the root of gaming.

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Here is one you can use – Sean’s version…

Gaming and BS is a great podcast. I especially like Sean’s intelligent insight into roleplaying games. He keeps it light and has a good presence on the mic. The guy should really be in radio. Brett is okay too. An overall good production, highly recommend this to rpg gamers everywhere. If the volume is just right, you can smell the Wisconsin cheese. I swear these were my own words and they were not provided by Sean or anyone associated with Gaming & BS.

Or Brett’s version…

That Brett guy is awesome. Sean’s doing the best he can for a guy with his condition, bless his heart… Needs more cowbell! 5 stars!

Random Encounter

Our first listener email from Zave!


Die Roll


  • Camping trip with my boys recap
  • Going to pick up my new sword, from Albion Swords, this week
  • Need to finish some prep work for my kick off game this next weekend


  • Ben Gerber raising money for extra life – Gamers raising money for Childrens Miracle Network of hospitals. Gaming for 24 hours. Go here to support Ben.
  • Couple people that have helped:
  • Shout out to Michael Althauser for mentioning us on G+ (profile: ) also has an etsy profile where he sells dice bags
  • David Reichgeld helped with our logo, would have taken Sean 3 hours to get right.

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