054 Player Character Pain in Roleplaying Games

Player character pain in roleplaying games. Sean believes that the physical piece is tied to mechanics while the mental pain is tied to roleplaying. Sometimes there are mechanics that help simulate pain. Maybe it’s the condition track in WotC’s Star Wars Saga Edition rpg, you take damage and move down a condition track and taking on negatives to your rolls. Call of Cthulhu deals sanity damage. How is pain handled in your rpg?


Congrats to Joe and Mrs Cwik for bringing in what could possibly be our youngest fan, Xander Thomas born on 9/15.

Happy late birthday to the Great Old One – Kevthulhu!

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Joe F leaves us a voice mail

We field some feedback on episode 52 where were talked about Gear. Matt Martinez comments on our website, and Casey McKenzie hits us over on Facebook.

Email from Corey about episode 53 when we spoke about the challenges of killing players….player characters. Kevin Lovecraft comments on G+ about the same show.

Kevin Kenealy drinks from the Dungeon Crawl Classics kool-aid.

Josh Wallace on Twitter comments “I listen to @gamingandbs in the morning, so when Brett signs off with “good night and good gaming all” I find it just a touch confusing” We agree Josh, but don’t expect that old dog to learn a new trick!

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