056 Player Control in Roleplaying Games

Player control in roleplaying games, some may call it ‘player agency’. Brett & Sean run themselves in circles trying to define it. Chits, points, fortune or luck dice can allow a player to change things, is that giving them too much control? Topic inspired by listener Eric Farmer, he got us thinking about the role the player has in dictating what happens in the game. Then there is balance and if that needs to exist. When there is no agency, you may as well get on the Sean train.


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Evercon 2016 is going to be here before we know it.

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Mark Martinez, Roger Brasslett, Todd Father and Jeff Rademaker  all comment on G+ about episode 55 – Playing for Story 

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  • ICv2 posts about the animated Ghostbusters film Sony Pictures Animation is developing a Ghostbusters animated feature, according to The Tracking Board.  The film will track the original film’s premise, with a group of scientist using gadgets and gizmos to defend Manhattan from supernatural forces.  It’s at a very early stage, with the studio looking for a screenwriter. …
  • Games Workshop to change name of retail to Warhammer
  • XFiles trailer on youtube

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