Playing Role-playing Games Online

We talk about playing role-playing games online via a virtual tabletop.


  • Avalon Kickstarter coming in December 2018!
  • Evercon

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  • Getting started on DM’s Guild, per the Gnomestew
  • 5 Steps to Writing a Killer PC Backstory, on Geek & Sundry


  • Zavier Bates met us at Gamehole Con, VP of the Wyoming Gaming Library, a non-profit charity focused on bringing games to schools, hospitals, and other community organizations. We are having our first convention in April ( and we are looking to spread the word.
  • Check out the podcast Spikepit by Colin ‘Spikepit’ Green. On itunes
  • Goblins Henchmen, Master’s Hoard on Drivethru

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