Getting Info from Players – Pre-session Zero

Soliciting information from your players before session zero can give you some insight into their tabletop role-playing game preferences and play style. It will help you have a successful rpg campaign! What questions do you want to ask and why.


Random Encounter

Michael Althouser, in response to our Kids on Bikes vs Tales from the Loop episode, poses a topic for us.

Angela Murray emails us about Kids on Bikes vs Tales from the Loop.

Stephen Dragonspawn flirts with us again.

Matt Bohnhoff recommends Home by Dark rpg

From Reddit – Kids on Bikes v. Tales from the Loop: Knight Errant Jr, Tidfisk and Xer0rules comment

Comment from Pemberfoot on Twitter

Main Topic

Find our questions here.

Die Roll

Tidfisk, inspiration for teenage rpg’s


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