Puzzles in games.  How do we set them up? How do we use them?


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Random Encounter

Audio from Blake of House Ryan re: TPK

Louis of House Hoefer

Email from Daniel from House Garrett

Email from Tony from House Baker w/topic suggestion

Comment for Saul from House Morales on Sean’s Venture into CoC

Die Roll


  • RPG Publisher Says Chinese Government Burned Every Copy Of Their Latest Book article on kotaku. Sons of the Singularity, a small publisher of RPGs, ran a Kickstarter last year for a Call of Cthulhu sourcebook, successfully raising over $20,000. Called The Sassoon Files, it was finally printed last week, only for the publisher to claim that the Chinese government then stepped in and burned every copy.





  • Mark Tasaka, OSR rule system called White Box: Eastern Adventures. Free PDF on DrivethruRPG. ‘White Box: Eastern Adventures’ is a rules light system aimed at capturing the feel of the first iteration of the ‘World’s most famous Role-Playing Game’, where ‘rulings’ not rules defined the system.

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