All Random Encounters this week. Well to include Die Roll too!


Random Encounter

Vmail from Chris of house Shorb about meta currencies.

Nick of house Hopkins episode 175 and 177

George from House Sedgwick messages us – monk or no monk?

Scott of House Murray from Facebook – running a con…vention

Roger of House Brasslett gets Sean to express feelings about Google

Chris of House Steele – how he handles inspiration

Some gamer guy having issues with game group

Jason of house R. – looking for folks to run Pelgrane Press games at Gamehole Con

House Crimfan comments on meta currencies

Peter of House Isaacs left us some feedback – he’s guild Sean

James writes back in – how to play 2 player D&D

John from house Caward writes in about TPK

DM Co of house Jo – clarifies some things

Die Roll

  • Dark Trails KS
  • Brett’s appearance on the Appendix N podcast goes live May 20th.
  • Custom 5e character sheets, as seen on Geek Native.
  • D&D Essentials Kit, announced at DnD Live 2019. Article on IGN. Offers new 1 on 1 rules, dice, DM screen, map, rulebook, 

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