We have skimmed the surface of rpg campaign settings every once in a while. While we don’t go into detail on any one specific setting, like every week, we express our thoughts around this part of role-playing games.


Pemberfoot, get well.

Random Encounter

Crimfan comments about suboptimal characters

Kristian Serrano clarified classes for Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron

Michael Phillips comments on less than optimal stats

Die Roll



  • Congrats to Ennie 2018 winners – Gnomestew, Glynn Seal, Edwin Nage for Midderlands, Todd Crapper for High Plains Samurai: Legends
    Congrats to Actual Play winner for winning Diana Jones Award
  • Want to find game events and player? I am Game for.com
  • Mike Mearls confirms on twitter, railroading ‘has gotten such a bad rap…’


  • Pemberfoot lets us know about Adequate Commoner, by JM Perkins. A 3rd party Pathfinder supplement/setting that he Pfoot mentions relishes in that ‘low level scared to die’ feel. – drivethru affiliate

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