The mighty rpg purge. How do you determine what to keep and what to unload? Sometimes it’s easy to decide. Simply look at the role-playing games you haven’t played in a while or have lost it’s luster, sell, trade or donate them. Do you ever have regrets on getting rid of that rpg? Why do you keep the rpg’s you do?


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Voicemail from Chris Shorb

Jerry G. wrote into us hot start slow burn

Jerry G. wrote into us

Hey there, gents, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve jumped into the fray.

Loved the hot starts vs. slow burn topic and thought I’d toss something out there. At last Gameholecon, I was slated to run a one shot which was a published/ homebrew hybrid that began with the scenario as follows:

“It’s been a long night, but you all managed to track down the real killer who framed your crew for the murder of the Great House’s courier. The battle has been hard and taxing, but so far, you’ve managed to keep your health up….so far, that is…..roll for initiative.”

I handed out pregen character sheets, all with one level of exhaustion and the spellcasters with half of the slots used. Well, scratch that. The blizzard that day kept the entire table from showing up.

Details aside, I also have been listening to the High Rollers podcast runthrough of the Curse of Strahd. This also goes to the discussion about the stakes in 5e not being high enough to provide enough challenge for the DM OR to the player. The DM in that campaign rarely allowed a legit long rest for the players to recover their slots and all their goodies. I tend to believe it to be COMPLETELY okay to convey at a session zero or some such that it is entirely possible for players to end up over their heads in this campaign, regardless of the system or game you’re playing and running is ALWAYS an option.

I DO have one quick question for you guys as this is something I LOVE about Eberron. Aberrant Dragonmarks. I groove on the potentially limitless opportunities for roleplay with one member of the party having a magic power store they simply cannot control. Is this something you’d care to implement in a game you’re running? Lovin’ the show! Keep ’em coming


Matthew H. emails us about published and homebrew

Matthew H. emails us about published and homebrew

Good morning Brett and Sean,

Thank you for discussing the topic of pre-written vs homebrew adventures and taking the time to explain a few different ways to try to work character development and freedom of choice into pre written adventures. I meant to write a response after first listening to the episode but hearing other BSer’s feedback, especially how many felt that running pre-written adventures was more difficult for them, and Brett saying that anyone who put down DMs for running pre-written adventures as being not as legitimate could go kick rocks, was just what I needed to hear. I guess what it comes down to as always is “it depends”. Some people are going to prefer one approach, and some the other, and as long as everyone is having a good time they’re doing it right.

I think my main issue was having consumed too much media telling me that the ‘right’ way to play was homebrewing a game specific to the characters created by the players and basing everything around them, which is very hard to do with a pre-written adventure, and made me feel like I was missing something. While I do realize there is no ‘right’ way to play I am starting a new game and trying to implement this approach. I think my players are already freaked out with the responsibility of having to create a backstory and a goal for their PCs and might want to jump back onto the railroad before long but we’ll see how it goes. I’ve given them some freedom to help create the world they will be playing in and this resulted in them starting in a tavern called the ‘Tits and Ass’ which I quickly adorned with a donkey and bird sign out front. We’re certainly off the tracks already.

Again, thanks for taking on my topic, wish me luck.


PS: Sean, it sounded like before you talked to Phil about Forbidden Lands you intended on running it homebrewed but when he mentioned he was running Raven’s Purge you might have been swayed. Now that you are up and running what are you going to do?

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