Brett is running some AD&D and one of the features (bugs?) in this game is the Save or Die situation. Some folks hate this and others enjoy it. Where are we?


BSer Con is underway with registration and event submission!! Head to . It’s virtual/online Jan 28-30, 2022.

Random Encounter

Jim, inspiration for How Do We Organize as GM’s responds
JaredR on the forums comments on Organizing as a GM
The Warden from Broken Ruler Games comments on The End is Near

Die Roll

  • Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse for Savage Worlds, kickstarting, ends November 4, 2021. Raised 60k+ of 6k goal – thanks ASavageWorldsGM
  • New Star Wars RPG coming from Edge Studios, reprints of FFG’s existing library will be available too.
  • Cy-BORG kickstarter coming Nov 13th, 2021, Nano-infested doomsday RPG about cybernetic misfits and punks raging against a relentless corporate hell. Spin off of MÖRK BORG
  • Shotguns and Sorcery by Matt Forbeck is coming to 5e and kickstarter
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