Side quests, how do they fit in to the grand scheme of the story, or does it? What if the party is sent on a side quest, but it doesn’t serve a purpose? 

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Christopher Grey emails us on mass combat and has his product The Siege of Sundered Hold in the DM’s Guild.

Azrael Arocha comments in the G+ community. Film ReRoll. Seven types of stories.

Pure Mongrel calls BS on G+ about ep 107 evil games

Die Roll



  • Feng Shui 2 players, Robin D Laws gives more info on Junctures. They can take you to any place at any time.
  • N. Phillip Cole is doing a kickstarter, A story-driven RPG about badass mecha pilots who combine into totally sweet ultimate robos and save Humanity from Big Giant Monsters.
  • Tabletop Game Talk podcast, Chris *Steele*’s new podcast
  • Hero Forge custom miniatures


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