076 Monsters and Non Monsters


Monsters and non monsters in roleplaying games. As Game Masters we throw them at the players, but the big bad is typically a humanoid or human.  That is not necessary true. Is it? By saying this we are considering monsters as just fillers. They may be the creatures that do the bidding of some more intelligent human or non monster. I think that is what we’re trying to say in this episode.

We also want to issue a correction to episode 75. Ashen Stars was done by Robin D. Laws and not Kevin Kulp as conveyed in the show.

Quick thank you to those that joined us for BS’ing with Friends Google Hangout. Forrest Aguirre, Hawk Sparrow, Randy Farmer, Victor Wyatt, Chris Sniezak and Nathan Panke. We hope to setup another one soon. You can bookmark this link for future.

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