173 Mooks and Minions in RPGs


Mooks and minions in your tabletop RPG. They are fun to mow down, but can it be too much? We know Savage Worlds and Fantasy Flight Games Genesys-based system rpg’s have them, but what about using them in games that don’t have mechanics to deal with them?

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172 You Meet in a Tavern


You meet in a tavern and have no connection with other player characters in your role-playing game. But what is your motivation young thespian of rpg’s? Come on, do you really need one?

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BBS012 Jason Raether at Gamehole Con


We asked game masters, that are gracious enough to run games under the Gaming and BS banner at Gamehole Con 2016, to give us some insight into what they’re running. This is a segment of that series.

In this bonus episode Jason Raether talks about running Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, the one edition that has changed the most from it’s original inception.