059 Fear and Horror in Roleplaying Games

Fear and horror in roleplaying games, after all tis the season! In this episode we talk about whether you need to scare your players in order to create fear and horror in your rpg. How does mechanics play a role in creating these emotions? There are some games that facilitate fear and horror better than others. Then there are some rpgs where it’s an effort in futility. Now lets get our spookiness on.

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Gamehole 2015 agenda – Recording the following and will be released via Bonus BS!

  • Fri 10am – Sean runs Weird Wars II Savage Worlds game – full
  • Fri 4pm – Ask the Bastard with The Dungeon Bastard,Bill Cavalier! http://www.dungeonbastard.com
  • Sat 10am – Steve Jackson on Steve Jackson Games http://www.sjgames.com (DID NOT HAPPEN)
  • Sat 12pm – D&D Story Seasons: The Next Big Thing with Chris Perkins from WotC http://twitter.com/chrisperkinsdnd
  • Con recap shows Friday & Saturday night
  • Misc coverage – maybe some adhoc interviews, pick up games with Brett, dealer hall

Random Encounter

Matt Martinez from G+ comments from a previous email from Mike Walsh in ep 58 when Mike talks about FATE Accelerated’s FATE point mechanic breaking immersion.

Jeff Rademaker comments on G+ about episode 58 Wimp or Badass.

Utter BS’er Joe Cwik on G+ comments on the emotional element in roleplaying games.

Die Roll


  • He Never Died – movie trailer, featuring Henry Rollins
  • Six Consequences of High Magic (thanks to Kev for suggesting it) blog article talking about high magic in role-playing games.
  • Evidence of ancient human sacrifice in Wisconsin. An article on Smithsonian Magazine’s website. 


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