136 Player Facing Die Rolls


Player facing die rolls. Do they fix something that is missing from some tabletop rpg’s? Spurred by listener, Ace’s, email we talk about why we do or don’t like them.

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090 Keeping Players Engaged

Keeping players engaged, there are a few things you can do. Often times it’s because they’re bored or not engaged. As a GM you can do a few things. Hell, Brett goes as far as doing one-on-ones. “How are you liking your character? What goals are you trying to achieve?” It’s gotta be his promotion to management that has him all corporate. Seriously speaking, it may one of many ways to ensure all is going well and your player(s) stay engaged in your current role-playing game. 

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089 Interpreting Die Rolls

Interpreting die rolls, or do you use degrees of success with systems that don’t facilitate such a mechanic? Of course there are role-playing game systems like Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG or Powered by the Apocalypse Dungeon World, and even Savage Worlds all have some type of heightened success or failure. But what about the popular d20-based systems where a confirmation of a critical hit is the extent of a degree of success, yet certain lacks any mention of ‘coming close’ or ‘just misses’ via a target number that is usually pretty cut and dry. You either made it or you didn’t. 

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