055 Roleplaying for Story

Roleplaying for story,┬ádo we do it? First we need to define ‘story’. We, and other like Misdirected Mark, talk about story needs, wants, etc., for our games. If we’re not in it for the story, then what is it? There are dangers in forcing story. Sean Train anyone? Lets face it, story is the end…

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024 Railroading and Sandboxes in Role-playing Games

Railroading and Sandboxes in role-playing games, Brett and Sean broach the often-discussed topic. Many commentary rpg podcasts typically talk about this, here is our take. Episode 24 Show Agenda Random Encounter A couple of recent emails and posts. Shane writes in response to episode 22 RPG Wikis and Dissemination of Info: Thanks again for the…

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