055 Roleplaying for Story

Roleplaying for story, do we do it? First we need to define ‘story’. We, and other like Misdirected Mark, talk about story needs, wants, etc., for our games. If we’re not in it for the story, then what is it? There are dangers in forcing story. Sean Train anyone? Lets face it, story is the end result of playing roleplaying games. Wouldn’t you agree?


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Chris Sniezak from Misdirected Mark ages, but we still like him!

Random Encounter

Eric Farmer comments on G+ on episode 53 where we covered character death.  

Michael Phillips comments on episode 29 when we spoke about pursuing the perfect roleplaying game.

Die Roll



  • Geek and Sundry 5 Great One-Night RPGs There are games that allow you to still enjoy a roleplaying experience in a single night. Here’s are a few of our faves. 
  • Want to write for Gygax Magazine? You can email djinn@gygaxmagazine.com. Post on Facebook, will need an account to access
  • D&D 5e Tools by Leugren, includes Treasure Generator, NPC Name Generator, Player Character Personality Generator, Trinket Generator and much more… 

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