BBS016 Marc Miller of Traveller


Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016, this bonus episode features Marc Miller. Marc is the person behind the 40 year old role-playing game Traveller. We want to thank Marc for allowing us to record his seminar.
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015 Scifi Roleplaying Games

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Scifi rpgs, is space handled like Firefly or Star Wars? We talk about the challenges of a scifi game. Hard science and how ‘crazy’ do you get when you offer a scifi rpg to your players?

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Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Phil Vecchionne, blogger at Gnome Stew, Engine Publishing – contributor for both  Eureka: 501 Dramatic Plots to Inspire Game Masters and Masks: 1000 Memorable NPCs For Any Role Playing GameIn 2012 I released my first solo book: Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide To Session Prep, weighs in on Episode 12’s – Game Balance:

Email from Austin

Hey guys, I was thinking, over the last few episodes there has been a lot of talk of stuff like Evercon where it’s run by younger gamers, and a few times Brett has talked about running for his kids. I’d be interested to hear you guys talk a bit about the ways gaming has and is changing through it’s new gamers, and what has changed, for better or worse for people trying to get into the hobby. Thanks, Austin


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Topics of Discussion

  1. Picking up our discussion on sci-fi rpgs
    1. define – Star Wars is not scifi? what makes an rpg scifi?
    2. popularity – fantasy seems to be big in rpg’s why not scifi?
    3. expectations – transhuman, what is possible? what is too crazy?
    4. munsters can be tricky, fascinating
  2. Popular scifi rpgs
    1. Stars Without Number
    2. GURPS Transhuman Space
    3. Last Parsec – Savage Worlds
    4. Traveller – original and Mongoose
    5. Eclipse Phase
    6. Star Trek
    7. Serenity/Firefly ?
    8. Star Frontiers
    9. Gamma World
    10. Ashen Stars


Die Roll 


  1. Holiday games – as in having holidays in your game world
  2. My kids love NPCs
  3. Happy holidays to folks


  1. Theories on Time Travel & Wormholes
  2. Black Hole comparison



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005 RPG Rule Systems Matter

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System matters? A high level overview of whether system matters or not in roleplaying games. Sean’s 5E game kicks off, sort of. Die roll: Brett takes notes! Sean mentions some sci-fi games and settings.

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Shout outs to: Chad Knight and Moe Tousignant!

Random Encounter

Email from Chad Knight – Re: Episode 04 – How did you get into gaming?

Sean’s Roll20 5e kick off session

Topic of Discussion – System Matters

  • Does system matter?
    • why
    • why not
  • Define ‘system’
  • Define ‘role playing game’ – touching on John Wick’s article ( and why its important not to take anyone’s writing too far before you ask grown-up questions.
  • Different types of systems
    • Difference between generic and nongeneric systems
    • d20
    • GURPS
    • FATE
    • Savage Worlds
    • Edge of the Empire/FFG Star Wars
    • d6 Star Wars
    • Gumshoe – Esoterists, Trail of Cthuhlu
    • Hero
    • Basic Roleplaying
    • OSR
    • Indie games
      • Fiasco
      • Primetime Adventures
      • Dogs in the Vineyard
      • Apocalypse World
      • Sorcerer
  • What does a system do/provide? A mechanism to have collaborative fun?  Something else?
  • If you’re not abiding by the system – are you playing the game?

Die Roll


  1. Sci-Fi – need to do a sci-fi game with my group. This group hasn’t done one so I need to do that after this current game wraps up.
  2. Alpha’s wedding celebration
  3. I take notes in game now – ‘cause I’m old…
  4. Bone Armor –


  1. Scifi space theme
    1. Interstellar movie, Nov 7th, Christopher Nolan & Matthew McCaughnehey
    2. Stars Without Number – old school d&d rules, space setting
    3. The Last Parsec – Savage Worlds on Kickstarter
    4. Star Frontiers
    5. Traveller