096 Character Building Questions


Character building questions stems from the bonds that rpg Dungeonworld uses to help solidify, or establish, relationships between player characters. It typically starts before kicking off the game and prevents a player character from lacking the motivation for being with the other player characters. We look at this from the player side as well as from the Game Master’s chair. You can also use this approach to inspire the game you and your players want to play. 

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094 Random Encounters in RPGs


Random encounters in role-playing games, they were frequently found in many first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons modules and adventures. We look back at how we used them or they were used against us. It doesn’t have to be rolling on a table to see what is coming down the hall to consume the player charaters. You can use them to insert some twists or flavor into your game. Let us know how you use random encounters into your game. 

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