157 Wear and Tear on Arms and Armor


For some reason, arms and armor never seem to get “used up” or replaced, unless it’s to get better stuff that we found in a dragon’s horde, pulled off an NPC, or upgraded from the store. Why is that? Is there any reason why we’d want to deal with the bookkeeping for such things?

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142 Supernatural Horror and Mystery


Chris Lange wrote us: “…my question is, when your players know they are playing a supernatural horror game, what are some ways to rend their understanding of the world, to, hopefully, make them uncomfortable due to lack of understanding the world, much as their characters should be feeling.”

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BBS013 Roger Brasslett at Gamehole Con


We asked game masters, that are gracious enough to run games under the Gaming and BS banner at Gamehole Con 2016, to give us some insight into what they’re running. This is a segment of that series.

In this bonus episode Roger Brasslett talks about running Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing, 1st edition.