Team spirit, yes we have it, how bout you? Is Dungeons and Dragons a team game? Certainly it is a collaborative rpg. You need to rely on different class abilities in order to overcome obstacles and have your character survive. Little argument there, but what about being an actual team game, with mechanics, or incentives, that focus on team play?

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Greetings BSers,

I saw this survey on Facebook, and thought it was cool to get a snapshot of a person’s gaming history.  I have listed my responses below, but I would love to hear Sean and Brett’s answers to these questions too!

The first RPG I played was:

The RPG that I have played the most in my life is:

The RPG that I currently play the most is:

The RPG that I have never played, but would like to play is:

The RPG that I used to play a lot, and wish I could play again is:

The RPG release that I am most eagerly anticipating is:

The RPG that I never played as a kid, but I play now is:

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