The System Is Broken

It is hard to write this, not because we’re conflicted but because we don’t experience the issues that black Americans face on a daily basis.

As two middle-aged, privileged, hetero, white guys in the hobby with an audience, to sit back and not acknowledge what is going on in our country is to be complicit with a system that is broken.

Our hobby is awesome and we want awesome people to be a part of it. In order to do that, people of all backgrounds need to feel welcome. The same thinking goes for society. If we read an rpg that doesn’t make sense, part of that may be because the rules are broken. We either decide not to play that game, or we fix the game so that it makes more sense to everyone. The same thing should go for society.

We applaud the protesters, donators to the cause, and the people on social media that are capturing what is going on at the ground level and in real-time.

Systemic racism in America is a problem. Being rooted within the law enforcement and judicial systems is a problem. They need to be fixed. We don’t have the answers, but there are smarter people than us that can help.

But what can we do?

Acknowledging the issue is a first step. Realizing we have implicit bias and making a conscious effort to eliminate that bias is also something we can do. We can listen, but we also need to act. We can vote, protest, or give to causes that help get rid of systemic racism and inequality.


Brett and Sean


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