Thing about rpg editions is we look back at older editions and find things familiar, that we miss. Newer editions could bring ingenuity, a certain pragmatism or mechanics that make better sense.


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Email from Ty

Hey guys I really love the show. As I’m doing my workout for the day listening to your podcast. I was thinking about some stuff that I’ve been seeing lately on the internet. About these new game systems that are coming out this year. Each of them focusing on a TV show and I’m wondering what your guys’ opinion of do we need to have a TV focused role-playing game versus modifying a system that you already know to play that particular theme? Two of them that come right off the top of my head right now are Dragon Prince by Cortex Prime, & Avatar by Magpie games. So I’m curious to hear your guys’ thoughts on this subject.

Ty Prunty aka Tymonger

Die Roll

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