The unexplainable. The mysterious. Sometimes there are things your player character in your rpg will just not know.


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Random Encounter

We posed a question on Twitter “What single book do you think every tabletop rpg’er should have on their shelf?” – Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, email, web or phone (929.BIG.DICE)

Audio message from Blake Ryan re: Tactics

Aaron C. emails us

James Carruthers offers option for low magic

Trevor D emails us, teenager tries hand at DM’ing!

Christopher Grey educates us on marketing

Trevor D. chimes in about some house rules for low magic in 5e

Edwin Nagy corrects us, under sea adventure and low magic

Die Roll


  • Don Stroud’s The Lesser Key to the Celestial Legion kickstarter ends February 27th, 2019
  • Judge Dredd RPG now available. More here at 411Mania


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