Tracking Player Character Wealth

Tracking wealth, aka the treasure, of player characters, is it needed? How do you do it?

“Tired of tracking coins and individual purchases for player characters in role-playing games, I’ve experimented with several other methods that abstract wealth. It’s more a matter of what standard of living the PCs can afford. Anything appropriate to that category they can just have. More expensive items they may have to roll against their standard of living and possibly take on debt to acquire. Large influxes (treasure) can increase their standard of living (SoL) by a small amount for a long time, or much higher for a brief period. Anyway, you get the idea.” ~ Tom

  • How do we deal with this?
  • Any tricks we’ve used?
  • What systems do we use/have used that deal with tracking wealth differently than “counting each coin?”
  • Are there ideas we have that we’ve yet to use?


  • – Robert is running Five Torches, DCC, and AS&SH
  • Avalon KS – Master Archivist Collection coming soon

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