063 Treachery in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Treachery in roleplaying games, how do you handle that and betrayal without having players get upset? After Sean and Chris from MM used each other to cheat on Phil and Me, I figured we’d talk about: Treachery in your RPGs!

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Thanks to Phil and Chris for allowing me to co-host an episode of Misdirected Mark – we spoke about modules.

Random Encounter

Austin comments on Ep 61 covering Dark and Gritty.

Comments from Tim Jensen, Angela Murray, Shane Freeman on  Episode 62 Horses & Hirelings on G+

Eric Farmer continues on G+.

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  • Customizable D&D DM Screen, basic preprinted inserts for your 5e screen. 
  • D&D enters virtual reality. Social virtual reality platform AltspaceVR have today announced they’re partnering with Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons and Dragons, to bring the brand into virtual reality, retaining the social aspects that makes the table-top incarnations so popular.  Bruce Cunnington pointed it out as well. 
  • Custom TRON light cycle board game.
  • Monster a Day Compendium, homebrew content for D&D 5e. 

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