What Do We Want To See Out of New RPGs

We often talk about mechanics, settings, options, and features of an role-playing game system that we like or don’t like, but is there something that we wish was out there that we’ve not found yet? I mean… what’s the next development in gaming that we’re waiting to have someone build?


  • Evercon.org – some BSer’s are running games at the con, be great to have more!
  • Break Time! – Sean and Brett not going to record again until 11/24

Random Encounter

Matt V. comments on Tracking PC Wealth and more

Ray Otus comments on Now Hold It Right There

Welcome new listener Josh Beckelhimer

Email from Charlie Benson

Die Roll

  • New Mexicon 2020 and indie rpg con in Albuquerque April 17-19, 2020, Matt Bohnhoff is running a Kickstarter. Ends Nov 25, 2019

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