111 What is Heroic in RPG’s

What does it mean to be heroic in tabletop rpg’s? Aside from sitting as a player in one of Brett’s games, some would argue that having a player character at full strength and rushing into battle is not as heroic as being down to one hit point and entering battle to slay the dragon and save your friends! But isn’t every role-playing game, the more traditional ones anyway, based on heroic pc’s? Alex Kammer, Director Gamehole Con, joins us.

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  • All the combat vehicles of the US Military in one giant poster
  • Cursed Images twitter feed, found article on The New Yorker leading to this.


  • Azrael Arocha points us to this cool Adventure Generator
  • Alex Kammer’s two new releases by Gamehole Publishing to be available at Gamehole Con, The Brain Gorger’s Appetite by Alex and A Druid in a Dark Forest by Ed Greenwood

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