RPGs can be taken very, very seriously.  Sometimes, we don’t even understand that someone at our table is taking it as seriously as they are. We share our personal perspectives and we touch on whether you can separate the art from the artist! 

Random Encounter

Laramie Wall on RPG Character Sheets

Ian writes in about cheaters

Voicemail from DM Cojo on episode 89!! Interpreting Die Roles

Abram Nothnagle goes back to ep 115, Gods in RPG’s

Scott drops us a line on Dragonlance


Die Roll


  • Harper’s Tale: An Adventure Path for D&D 5e. Indiegogo, ends October 5, 2019. “Harper’s Tale is an epic story of sacrifice, perseverance, and redemption. The heroes will investigate, battle, and learn the true origins of the threat to their home. The adventure is based on an outline my daughter, Harper, and I wrote after coming home from the hospital after her first round of chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.  All net proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will be donated to benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer to help others like Harper who are battling cancer.”
  • Consent in Gaming by Monte Cook Games, free on their website by Sean K. Reynolds & Shanna Germain.  
  • Read a review of Consent in Gaming by Jared Rascher on Gnomestew
  • Eoris character sheet, thanks



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